Well into the sunny season now and it has been a busy time for us at it foods…

Not only at The Courtyard but our function work has been keeping us on our toes!

Weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, family gatherings, really all sorts of occasions, all sorts of locations and all sorts of menus!!

And with this fine weather the golf clubs have also picked up and we are now catering for 4 or 5 match meals and other functions at both on a weekly basis!

All this detail above  is simply our way of explaining why we haven’t been updating the web site as much as we would wish!

We have plans in hand to prevent this happening in the future but for now… SORRY!

We will endeavour to post news and updates on at least a weekly basis (more often if warranted!) and to add to our menu selection to give you a fuller picture of all that we can offer!

In the meantime we hope you are enjoying this wonderful weather and if you wish to get in touch at any time with any enquiry however big or small then please use the form on this site!

Happy Summer…